Mens Club

To inquire about Membership Status for the 2024 golf season, or if you have any questions about joining the Village Greens Mens Club, please contact


What began in 1961 as a gathering of a few friends and associates has evolved into a 130+ member club with a full event schedule, event payouts, social gatherings, and more.

The Men’s Club is perfect for:

Competition – The Mens Club hosts formal events, on average, every other Sunday morning. Individual, 2-person, and team events are all included into the schedule, with various formats. A flighted Club Championship, Member-Guest tournament, and Member-Member tournament highlight the event schedule.

Social Aspects – Meet new people with mutual interests.

Business Networking – With 130+ members, you’ll meet people from several industries and professions to build your business network.
Fun – Above all, the Mens Club is about having a good time to maximize your investment in golf.

Simply stated, you’d be hard pressed to find a better run, better organized, more fun Mens Club anywhere in Chicago.

The Village Greens Mens Club is run by a Board whose purpose is to carry out the mission of the Mens Club. If you are interested in membership into the Village Greens Mens Club, would like additional information, and/or would like to speak to the membership chairman, please contact us.