Driving Range

$159.99 Unlimited Balls



You Must Act Fast

To protect the integrity of the program (and our grass teeing area) we allow ONLY 125 people to invest in the UNLIMITED RANGE PROGRAM each year.

Cost is $159.99.00 per year

Practice For Just Pennies Per Bucket

We hear all the time… “What’s the catch? Is it really UNLIMITED range balls? If I get the urge to hit 10 buckets of balls tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, I can?” The answer, simply, is ‘Yes’.

We're Right Around The Corner

We like to say: If we were any closer, you’d be sleeping on our greens.

Location, Location, Location…we hear time after time, from guest after guest, how easy and convenient it is to get to Village Greens.

We’re just minutes away…from anywhere!!! Just around the corner from I-355, I-55, I-294, and I-88, you’ll be on the range in no time!

Don’t waste time trying to get to other driving ranges by using side streets, traversing through neighborhoods, etc. Hop on the highway and onto the range in 30 minutes or less, even from downtown Chicago.

Limited Offer - Sign Up Today

The Village Greens UNLIMITED RANGE PROGRAM is already one of Chicago’s most popular options for practice and game improvement in Chicago. Last year we ‘sold out’ at 125 memberships quickly…call us today to reserve your spot.


Many parents are turning to sports like golf as a fun alternative to concussion prone sports such as football and soccer. While we encourage kids to follow their passions and have diversified interests, we also realize the life skills and character attributes that golf can build in our youth. While no sport is immune to injury, golf is about as safe as it gets. In addition to background checks for all of our instructors, we are also trained in child abuse and neglect procedures and registered through DCFS. We are also trained and certified in First Aid, CPR, and AED operations. We take safety as seriously as we do having fun!

When and Where?

The 2023 PGA Junior League schedule is under construction.  Practice times are spread throughout the week and each child can participate in the 1 best session that fits their schedule.  Matches are generally Saturday’s and Sunday’s around 5:30 p.m.

Monthly Memberships Available

If you’d like to refine your game prior to a big tournament or outing and only need a few weeks of intense practice to refine your game, our monthly membership plans are a great alternative. Value priced at only $30.00 per month, it entitles you to all of the privileges of an annual plan for a 30 day time-frame. Monthly plans are also terrific for those who find out about our program late in the year, when one or two monthly investments save vs. an annual plan.

Money Back Guarantee

Still not convinced? Try it for 2 weeks. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll refund your money. No questions asked. We’re that confident that you’ll find the UNLIMITED RANGE PROGRAM the ‘Best Value for Practice in Chicago’!!!